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Silicon Catalyst Announces Exokeryx as the Newest Portfolio Company Admitted to the Incubator


San Diego, CA and Silicon Valley, CA, November 16, 2022 - Silicon Catalyst, the world’s only incubator focused exclusively on accelerating semiconductor solutions, is pleased to announce that EXOKĒRYX has been accepted into the Silicon Catalyst Incubator program. With their admission into the Incubator, EXOKĒRYX will have direct access to the products and services of the Silicon Catalyst comprehensive ecosystem of In-Kind Partners and a wealth of industry expertise through the advisor and investor network.

EXOKĒRYX is revolutionizing tools for early disease detection and diagnosis by combining the power of solid-state electronics with exosome based biomarker discovery. Current diagnostic methods often catch cancer too late and result in therapy pathways that are as harmful as the disease itself. By combining principles from the semiconductor industry with breakthrough biotechnology EXOKĒRYX is seeking to transform how cancer and other diseases are detected and treated.

Exosomes are crucial to cellular communication within our bodies and hold one of the keys to early cancer and disease detection. Armed with this knowledge, EXOKĒRYX is developing a bio-chip platform for analyzing biological samples. This interdisciplinary approach will use the, all-digital EXOKĒRYX, lab-on-a-chip device to perform a liquid biopsy that isolates, quantifies and analyzes exosomes. The enhanced sample will subsequently be used for identifying biomarkers that direct the detection and treatment of cancer and other diseases. The company leverages its extensive experience in biological analysis and semiconductor technologies to create the converged approach which will provide fast, cost-effective detection that can be deployed on a global basis.

EXOKĒRYX CEO, Richard Young states: “We see a future where we can interrupt and stop disease progression in asymptomatic patients by finding it when they go to their annual physical. That vision fuels every member of our team. We have a clear path to provide an early-detection platform for a variety of cancers," said Richard Young. "We see Silicon Catalyst as a valuable partner that can help accelerate the development time and position the company for growth in the next two years."

EXOKĒRYX joined Silicon Catalyst to take advantage of the extensive array of resources provided by the Silicon Catalyst ecosystem to assist with the development, commercialization, and market traction. With a singular focus on semiconductor and sensor technologies, Silicon Catalyst has dedicated itself to accelerating emerging hardware technologies that require microfabrication.

"We have seen an influx of applications from startups developing novel bio and life science technologies. The mission of EXOKĒRYX to dramatically improve the techniques for early-stage cancer and serious disease detection is one that Silicon Catalyst is pleased to support with the full force of our resources," said Pete Rodriguez, CEO of Silicon Catalyst. "The impact of these capabilities offers the prospect to improve the lives of everyone on the planet, and we applaud the urgency the EXOKĒRYX team has demonstrated to commercialize the products for deployment in the battle against cancer."


EXOKĒRYX is based in San Diego, California, considered one of the world’s top biotech centers. The founding team is multidisciplinary and broadly experienced in research, development, volume manufacturing, and compliance. Richard Young, CEO of EXOKĒRYX, has an extensive background in manufacturing, operations and finance and has worked in executive leadership for over 20 years. Bryan Rice Ph.D., CTO of EXOKĒRYX, has a broad semiconductor background, having started his career at Intel and then moved to Sematech, Global Foundries and several biotech companies. Amber Murray, Ph.D., leads the bio-assay product development and brings extensive experience in biotech product development at Exact Sciences and other biotech companies doing liquid biopsy and bio-analysis products. More information is available at:

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