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Powering EV research to realize earlier disease detection.

We're speeding up the fight against cancer and other diseases by putting our breakthrough technology in the hands of leading researchers.

Advanced Technology

Accelerating EV Research

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A Company As Unique As Your Fingerprint

exokeryx-team-culture-004-1Within the lines of a fingerprint is the roadmap that makes each one of us unique. At EXOKĒRYX, our roadmap to transforming early disease detection combines principles from the semiconductor industry with breakthrough biotechnology.

EVs (extracellular vescicles) are crucial to cellular communication within our bodies and can be a key factor in early detection.

EXOKĒRYX is revolutionizing early-stage disease and cancer diagnostics by leveraging semiconductor technology to power best-in-class tools for isolation, detection, and analysis of extracellular vesicles. 

Our novel chip-based platform leverages EV dipole moments for isolation and transistor technology for multi-omic EV biomarker quantification, creating Cancer FingerprintTM.

From biological fluids, we quantify biomarkers with greater sensitivity and specificity than standard methods. Our superior sensitivity allows for the detection of cancer and other serious disease earlier than is possible with current technologies.

It’s time to usher in the new next generation technology.

It’s time to put our fingerprint on positive patient outcomes. 

The Roadmap to Cancer Fingerprint™


Advanced EV Isolation

Launching 2024


Multi-omic Characterization

In Development

Cancer Fingerprint™

Multi-omic Biomarker Profiling