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Powering EV research to realize earlier disease detection.

We're speeding up the fight against cancer and other diseases by putting our breakthrough technology in the hands of leading researchers.

Today’s diagnostic methods are not good enough. They catch cancer and other diseases too late.

Research has begun a focus on Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) for answers to earlier disease detection, diagnosis, and therapies. EVs drive inter-cellular communication within our bodies and hold a key to earlier disease detection. Researchers need advanced technologies to simplify and reproducibly accelerate the exploitation of EVs for discovery of highly sensitive techniques for disease detection and diagnosis.

EXOKĒRYX is leveraging semiconductor technology to power best-in-class tools for isolation, characterization, and analysis of extracellular vesicles.  Our product roadmap includes automated chip-based technology that leverages dielectorphoresis to isolate EVs with higher recovery and purity.   Decoding Extracellular Vesicle biomarkers will allow researchers to define unique fingerprints for earlier disease and cancer detection.

Ultimately, powered by our chip-based sensor, we will deliver solutions with the sensitivity and affordability necessary to make it possible for everyone to be tested yearly for cancer and other diseases.

Together with researchers, we can drive discovery, detect cancer earlier, and save lives.

Meet The Founders


Amber Murray
SVP, Application


Bryan Rice
President and CTO

Our Team


Our Culture

EXOKĒRYX exists at the intersection of solid-state electronics and biomarker discovery .

We've created a culture where risk taking is encouraged and rewarded. Our interdisciplinary team of physicists, biologists, and engineers are empowered to try creative approaches based on where the data is taking us.

We are results-driven and collaborative because we know the best ideas come from open, constructive dialog. 

Bryan Rice, our President and CTO, captures our culture best with: “At EXOKĒRYX, failure is okay, as long as you can learn from it quickly. That’s what drives transformation and innovation.”

At EXOKĒRYX, we try, learn, fail forward, and iterate.

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