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Introducing Demeter EVPrep

The Journey Starts with Discovery

EVs (exosomes) are crucial to cellular communication within our bodies and hold the key to early disease detection.

Demeter EVPrep is a novel platform that purifies and concentrates EVs from biological fluids by leveraging their unique size and charge distribution. Using dielectrophoresis, ingenuity we’ve adapted from the semiconductor industry, Demeter EVPrep will enhance your discovery process by providing samples with higher recovery, purity, and throughput.

Unlike current methods that force researchers to choose between high purity or high yield, Demeter EVPrep will not sacrifice recovery for quality. Demeter EVPrep is compatible with multiple applications (immunochemistry, sequencing, mass spec, etc.), ensuring the consistency and integrity of your downstream results. 

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When the margin of error matters, Demeter EVPrep can decrease your error bars and eliminate impurities.

Higher Recovery

Working with precious samples? Demeter EVPrep is perfect for isolating every EV. 

Higher          Throughput

Whether you're working with tens or thousands of samples, Demeter EVPrep will scale to meet your needs and deliver results quickly.

Faster Time
to Discovery

Within minutes, your Extracellular Vesicles are isolated, purified, and
ready for downstream testing.

Method Purity Recovery Throughput Time to Discovery
Demeter EVPrep
Size exclusion chromatagraphy
Density Gradient

Join The Demeter EVPrep Early Adopter Program

The Early Adopter Program will give you pre-launch access to product and support that delivers superior EV samples for your specific downstream applications using Demeter EVPrep.

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