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Introducing ExoScan™


The Journey Starts with Discovery

EVs (Extracellular Vesicles) are crucial to cellular communication within our bodies and hold the key to realizing early disease detection.

The Next Level of EV-based Multi-omic Discovery

ExoScan is a sample-to-answer solution that delivers simultaneous quantification of up to 32 multi-omic EV biomarkers.

Using chip-based technology, ExoScan isolates EVs from 8 biological samples in parallel and quantifies up to 32 EV biomarkers (surface and internal) per sample.

The Power: The system leverages dielectrophoresis for high-recovery, high-purity EV isolation. Field effect transistors are then employed to quantify up to 32 multi-omic EV biomarkers at once, at orders of magnitude better sensitivity than current optical techniques.


Greater Sensitivity


The accuracy of electronic measurements, leveraging field effect transistor semiconductor technology, enables quantification with significantly better sensitivity and repeatability over optical techniques.

Multiplexed Multi-omic Quantification

ExoScan selectively quantifies up to 32 surface and internal EV biomarkers from a single biological sample.

Higher Throughput


 Sample-to-answer multi-omic biomarker quantification for up to 8 samples per run.

Faster Time
to Discovery


High-throughput, reproducible multi-omic quantification accelerates EV discovery.

EV Analysis Method Sensitivity Multiplexing Throughput Time to Discovery
Fluorescence Microscopy
Flow Cytometry
Western Blotting
Mass Spectrometry