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Select Bio -Extracellular Vesicles(EV)/Exosomes & Nanoparticles Miami, FL April 3-4, 2024


Join us in Miami at booth G7 to see how we have advanced our isolation platform.  Demeter EVPrep, our automated chip-based EV isolation platform, reproducibly delivers EVs with high recovery and purity.  The benchtop system accelerates EV research using dielectrophoresis to process up to 8 samples simultaneously requiring no labels and minimal setup.  Dr. Amber Murray, Founder and SVP, will discuss how Demeter EVPrep the next generation EV isolation tool accelrates EV research.

Exokeryx Booth-  # G7

Exhibitor Talk:  

Single vs Multi-Parameter EV Isolation Methods

Dr. Amber Murray, Founder and SVP of Applications

The success of extracellular vesicles (EVs) in diagnostics and therapeutics depends on scalable isolation methods that produce high recovery of highly pure EVs.  Current methods for EV isolation exploit one physical property at a time—density for ultracentrifugation, size for size exclusion chromatography, presence of a given surface marker for immunoprecipitation, etc.  As such, isolated EVs exhibit high recovery at the expense of purity for the cruder techniques or high purity (and bias) at the expense of recovery for the more tailored techniques.  In contrast, we introduce a new EV isolation technique called dielectrophoresis that exploits two physical properties at once—particle diameter and particle composition (dipole moment) in the presence of a radio frequency electric field.